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Mr Harshaka Kannangara

This is the official web site of Mr Harshaka Kannangara, a Barrister specialising in Immigration and Human Rights Law. He was called to the Bar in November 2000 from Lincoln’s Inn.

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Until several years ago, the public were not allowed to instruct a Barrister directly. They had to go through Solicitors or other professional bodies at a considerable expense. The legal system has now changed and the Bar Council has given permission to the public to contact Barristers on Direct Access scheme directly without having to go through usual channels of solicitors and other professional bodies. This change has undoubtedly avoided unnecessary overheads allowing the public to build a confident and coherent working relationship with their legal advisor.

Mr Kannangara is authorised by the Bar Council to get instructions directly from the members of public under this scheme. He is also authrosied to conduct litigation. He has got a vast amount of experience in conducting all types of immigration related refusals and appeals. He regularly appears in immigration tribunals across the country and other higher courts. 
His clients will be able to meet him at his Chambers situated in Temple. 

He also continues to accept instructions from solicitors on all types of immigration matters. The solicitors who wish to retain his services can contact his Chambers using the contact details in this site.

For information with regard to fees, all direct access clients should visit Chambers Website or email Chambers Clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact the Chambers now: 0207 583 1815