Immigration Appeals

You can appeal against a decision taken by the Home Office to refusal permission to stay in the UK or a decision to refuse entry clearance by an Entry Clearance Officer based in a British Overseas Mission to the First Tier tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber.

We represent clients in all Immigration Tribunals based across the country. We know that having your application to live in the UK refused is a very worrying matter. That is why it is very important for you to instruct someone who has vast experience in dealing with complex immigration matters to handle your appeal.

Using our services will strengthen your chances of winning the appeal. Our specialist training as Barristers and years of experience representing clients in Tribunals will immensely help you to know your success rate at an early stage. We will always do a merit test and tell you what your chances are.

If you have already faced with a dismissal of your appeal by an Immigration Judge sitting at the First Tier Tribunal, you can challenge that decision only on a point of law by making an application for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal. With our knowledge on up to date legal developments and case law, we are well equipped to identify errors of law in the determination. Normally it is the Barrister’s role to advise both clients and solicitors of the merits of a prospective appeal to the Upper Tribunal and draft grounds of appeal.

With our expertise and right to appear at all levels of courts, we can represent your case at all Immigration Tribunals, High Court and Court of Appeal.
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Judicial Review

As Barristers, we have always been instructed by solicitors to advise them on the merits of Judicial Review applications to the High Court. We also draft grounds for Judicial Review If we think there is good chance of challenging the decision made by the Home Office. If the permission is granted, we appear in High court to challenge that negative immigration decision.

The main reason for a Judicial Review in the immigration context is that the decision made by the Home Office is not accordance with the law and as a result of that decision you do not have a right of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal.

The common instances when we issue Judicial Review proceedings include removals of the immigrants from the UK, refusal of a fresh asylum or human rights claim and delays in making a decision of an outstanding application.

We always do a merit test before advising you to proceed with a Judicial Review application.