Harshaka Kannangara Profile

Barrister specialising in Immigration Law.

harshaka-kannangaraHarshaka Kannangara has a thriving practice in immigration and human rights law, and regularly advises clients at all levels. He has appeared in most of the immigration courts throughout England and in the Court of Appeal. He has had conduct of all types of immigration cases including asylum, right of abode, students, dependants, work permits and the highly skilled migrant scheme. He is a dynamic and skilful advocate whose representation can be vigorous when required. He also conducts continuing professional development courses for solicitors.

Harshaka is responsible for our presence in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and all enquiries in respect of Sri Lanka matters should be directed to him. He advises law firms in Sri Lanka on various matters of English law. He is also able to advise overseas firms wishing to capitalise on business opportunities in Sri Lanka on various aspects of Sri Lankan law and practice. He regularly advises Mauritian and Indian lawyers on all immigration related issues.

Outside the Bar, Harshaka has written articles on immigration law for various Sri Lankan newspapers. He regularly advises the Sri Lankan community on various aspects of immigration law. He has a keen interest in politics and current affairs. Harshaka is also involved in several Sri Lankan associations in the UK. 

Harshaka is also a member of Chambers' Management and Pupillages Committee.